FEEDLY, THE BEAST: The news you consume is what you report

With the demise of the Google Reader, the RSS Reader Feedly (free) has become a clear favorite among news fanatics and journalist alike. In the wake of Google’s announcement that it would shutter the Google Reader, Feedly reported 3 million users had created accounts for its service, I being one of them. Since then, I’ve become a Feedly-addict and check it constantly for updates and story ideas.

My Feedly Home Screen
My Feedly Home Screen

If you’re a journalist and you don’t use RSS feeds to aggregate news, you’re torturing yourself. There are so many sources of information out there, it’s nearly impossible to keep up on everything and still have time to, you know, report. Feedly allows you to aggregate the content you want and wrap it up into a sleek, user-friendly package.

Feedly and RSS feeds are essential for college journalists who wish to expand their reporting beyond typical, ‘this happened at this place’ event coverage and press releases. By following the reporting of sites like the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education and others, you can localize this data and in-depth reporting to your own campus. Your readers, who may not follow these sites and their reporting, need to know about national trends and higher-ed news. You can be the one to deliver it to them and learn something new in the process.

Below are some of the feeds I follow to stay informed. Subscribe and pass along any feeds you use in the comments section. You can also follow this blog’s feed at feed://inkstainedkeyboard.wordpress.com/feed/.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


For national higher-ed news: 

Chronicle of Higher Ed

Chronicle Blogs

Inside Higher Ed

New York Times Education page

Washington Post Campus Overload

University Business Magazine

HuffPost College

For top big-school campus newspapers:

Daily Tar Heel

Minnesota Daily

Penn State

University of Florida

University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald

The Kansan

For resources, news and analysis: 

Genius Recruiter

Department of Education


National Association of Financial Aid Administrators

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Education Writers Association

For journalism news and other stuff:

Center for Public Integrity


College Media Matters






Innovation in College Media

Student Press Law Center

John Tedesco

Data Driven Journalism

Nieman Lab



10,000 Words

Online Journalism Blog


Guardian Data Blog


Tom Meagher

What else…

  • If your college has a location where it posts press releases and events, subscribe to that RSS feed as well.
  • Your local community newspaper, metro paper and Patch.
  • Other local and state university newspapers and media operations.

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