About JournoHacker

[e]Favs (1)_2Let’s get the bragging out of the way. I’m Dan Bauman, a data reporter at the Saint Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work published in the New York Times and referenced by the Washington Post. Previously, I worked for the Medill Justice Project, Chronicle of Higher Education and KMOV-TV. I hold degrees in journalism and economics from Webster University, where I graduated from in 2014.

Onto the important stuff… Public records are my passion. Great stories are out there right now, hidden in spreadsheets, file cabinets and sometimes in plain sight. It’s up to me and other journalists to liberate that information for the public. Whether it’s analysis, visualization, records requests or coding, I can make a difference with my skills, my mind and my time.

Cat photos? The Daily Show? What’s this blog going to be about? Is there anything else on the internet? The moniker ‘JournoHacker’ serves two purposes for me. For one, there are tools out there that have made my job exponentially easier. Whether its knowledge of code, multimedia or a public record, that information should be shared with journalists and journalists alike. One person can’t tell all the stories.

‘JournoHacker’ is also the perfect name for a blog about the intersection of journalism and coding. Good thing too, because this blog would be pretty lame without that topic. As I learn things, I’ll share them here. See? One more thing to the internet…

Shoot me an email at dbauman@pioneerpress.com and follow me on Twitter @danbauman77. Find me on GitHub at github.com/danbauman77.

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